Every week we broadcast our inspirational 30 minute teaching show “Days of Wonder” around the world on TV, radio, DAB, Sky and the internet. Join us at the following times:



Monday through Friday 12.00 am

Sunday 10.30 am

UCB Inspiration

Monday through Friday 9.20pm and 2.30 pm

UCB Gospel

Weekdays 1pm

Eternity Gospel Radio (Cameroon 96.5 FM)

Weekdays 6:30pm

Radio CCFM (Southern Africa)

Mondays 7pm

Branch FM (101.8FM West Yorkshire)

Saturdays 1:30pm & 7:30pm

Sundays 2:30pm & 11pm


Estuary TV series “Revive”: Click Here 
TBN UK (Freeview channel 65)

Monday               7.00 am

Wednesday        9.00 am

Saturday              2.30 am and 6.30 pm

Sunday                 12.00 pm

At present there is no broadcast on UCB TV, this has now transferred to TBN

NB: all times shown are ‘local time’.