The Revive Collective

The Revive Collective

The Revive Collective is our global family of church leaders, influencers, itinerants, missionaries and artists – an apostolic tribe, fit for the 21st century!

Join the Revive Collective and enjoy:

  • Dynamic relational connection with our team and other Collective members.
  • Regular Re:Fresh meetings for leaders in the north of England.
  • Leadership summits and training.
  • Missions teams, on-site visits, personal connection.
  • Discounted or FREE access to many Revive resource

Our unique Collective…

… is passionate about relationships, revival, transforming society with God’s Kingdom, great leadership and powerful spirituality!

… is easy to join and easy to leave! Join us for as long as you want, and to enjoy support for your unique journey.

… is not based around a single apostolic figure, but is about facilitating relationships, friendships and support among Spirit-filled leaders with a passion for revival.

… is not a classic denomination, network or fellowship. Our Collective works alongside all your existing denominational connections, as an additional relational resource. We are not about formal governance, but true relationships.

… is not about a “one size fits all” denominational behaviour. We understand you are unique, but may need some support from an external apostolic family.

… is not about branding, empire building or Revive’s success – but rather about the Kingdom of God coming through the Church to the world. We are hopeless romantics about God’s Church and cheer on every expression She births!

The Revive Collective is open to:

  • apostles
  • prophets
  • evangelists
  • pastors
  • teachers
  • senior church team members
  • itinerant ministries
  • missionaries
  • church planters
  • worship leaders and artists
  • intercessors
  • authors
  • christian business owners and entrepreneurs
  • kingdom influencers into any sphere.  

Costs: We charge nothing, and we will not pressure you to give, but many “partner” with Revive to help cover costs in ways appropriate to their size and needs. Details of how to give to Revive can be found here.