Mobilization Strategy

Our Mobilization Strategy

Revive Church are a family of ministries, charities, visionaries and ministers, using a Christ-like, powerful, mobilisation strategy to touch and transform the world. We already impact thousands of lives every week and are praying that by God’s grace that would grow exponentially!

While Revive has some core departments that operate as a classic, single, small organisation, running things like Sunday services, pastoral care, basic evangelism, prayer, worship and an administrative hub – we mainly deploy our resources in a highly releasing manner, through our family of mobilised ministries.

Our mobilised ministries educate thousands of children every day, train leaders, counsel those in debt, provide food & medical care to the poor, reach lives through creative arts, broadcast globally, evangelise regionally, conduct crusades, inspire revival, run youth clubs, transform laws, rescue orphans and much more!

See some of our Mobilized Ministries here.

Should You become a Mobilized Ministry?

The benefits of becoming a mobilised ministry with the Revive family are:

  1. Executive team Representation – Each mobilised ministry has a personal Rep. on our executive team, bringing you light touch support and aiding communication.
  2. Prayer Cover – We love to launch new ministries and projects with the public laying on of hands and apostolic approval. This brings God’s blessing, public endorsement and can aid supportive relationships across the Revive family. We also commit to have our intercession teams cover all our ministries and projects in continued prayer.
  3. A Pool of Personnel – Mobilized ministries are free to ask or “Shoulder tap” any unpaid congregation members to join teams and support ventures, and we can also offer pastoral advice to help find appropriate team members for your dream. We can even help with DBS checks at times.
  4. Signposting – Our exec team are available to signpost you to training opportunities, mentors, resources and support where appropriate.
  5. Promotion – Revive offers varying levels of promotion via our social media, databases and platform headlining, where appropriate and in a controlled manner. Mobilized ministries are free to use Revive Church or Revive Collective logos in any promotion where needed. Limited graphic design support can sometimes be offered with our team too.
  6. Provision – Grant funding can be applied for from Revive via your Rep, or we can signpost where funding might be found. If you are not starting a charity, but need that kind of legal status/support, that can often be found by becoming a department of one of our family of collaborating charities. We will help guide you to find the right legal base for your project.
  7. Premises – Mobilised ministries would usually be granted free use of Revive premises where reasonable.

Due to the busyness of the Revive family diary, sometimes priority must be given to Revive Church core events, and we cannot always guarantee that a central event won’t be organised in the same time slot as a mobilised ministry. Duplications of diaries and purposes can affect venue availability and promotional commitments at times, so high levels of diary & planning co-operation through the exec. team are advised if these are necessary.

5 Steps to Mobilization

  1. Be a member – You must be a committed member of Revive Church to join our mobilisation strategy.
  2. Make contact with an exec team member – If you have a dream, a cause or an idea from God for a ministry, small group, mission, outreach or to reach a location, approach a representative on the executive team (see below) and chat over the idea in person or submit it in writing. You must be willing to lead the venture yourself or fully establish it without any management pressure on Revive.
  3. Present your proposal – You may be asked to present it to the Executive team if it is complex/requesting financial grants.
  4. Your proposal is considered – The Exec team will prayerfully discuss the new venture, taking into account your proven character, maturity & track record in appropriate relation to the ministry proposed. This duty of care is to protect all involved spiritually, morally, legally and financially.
  5. Start the Journey – If your proposal is accepted, your Rep will guide you through any necessary steps of how much we’ll need to be informed of your progress, which at the very least would involve a short, annual written report. However, the more influential and expensive the project, the higher levels of accountability are required. Remember though, we are mainly about releasing, not controlling your ministry!

The Executive Team – here to serve your dream!

It’s often best simply to seek out the exec team member you have the best relationship with, but if you don’t know anyone personally here, then simply ask the member best suited to support you by their experience, passion and skill. The Exec team and their specialist areas are:

  • Andrew Murray – Evangelism, teaching, training, missions, itinerants, writing.
  • Chris Fleetcroft – Outreaches, online, evangelism, street evangelism, regional, missions, church planting.
  • Nigel Lendon – Legal, financial, broadcasting, charitable.
  • Lucy Emanuel – Administrative, communications.
  • Matt Phelps Jones – Youth, outreach, schools, evangelism, music.
  • Emily Phelps Jones – Kid’s ministry, youth, community, families, outreach, schools.
  • Steve Green – Youth, community outreach, grant funding, social action, evangelism.
  • Vicky Cooper – Arts, online, creative, productions.
  • Jarrod Cooper – Apostolic/prophetic ministry.

Want to know more? Not sure where to start? Email our administrator Lucy and let’s chat.