In-Person – Hull

In-Person – HULL

Sunday Morning 10.45am-11.45am

From Sunday 27th June 2021, Revive will be starting weekly in-person services in Hull. This Hull service will be a one-hour, Upper Room style prayerful service aimed at adults. There is no plan to add children’s activities to this service (unlike Cottingham services where all-age activities of various sorts is slowly developing).


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Venue address: Kingswood House, Ashcombe Road, Kingswood Retail Park, HU7 3DD.

Please note, there is currently no in-person children’s/teens activities during this event. Everyone is welcome, but please bring something quiet and age appropriate for younger members to do, if they’ll struggle to concentrate for the hour.

15th July 2021

Dear Revive family member,

Sunday Services After July 19th 2021

You can watch a video of this update here:

After the Prime Ministers announcement regarding restrictions being eased for England, including Places of Worship, I wanted to update you on how we are proceeding at Revive. Sadly, it’s pretty obvious that “Freedom Day” is not going to be a return to normal, but instead rather more cautious and tentative than many had hoped.

At Revive we realise our family include people who feel rather bullish and hate the restrictions, right through to those who are vulnerable and still feel very nervous. We have created a plan that hopefully gives everyone the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident to come to church on Sundays this summer.

Sundays from July 25th 2021

From Sunday 25th July 2021, we will continue to restrict venue capacities to 60% so they feel spacious, not crowded. Therefore, we will still be asking everyone to book in for Sunday services, via your ENews links as usual (except in Goole). This helps us keep tabs on any increased attendance so we can plan.

Hand Sanitizer will be provided as before. As before, we do ask you not to attend if you have any suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

Here’s some good changes though:

  • Masks are no longer mandatory. It’s up to you whether you wear a mask or not. Our staff will have some spare if you’d like one.
  • We will sing!
  • You won’t be told where to sit. It’s going to feel so much more relaxed.
  • You can chat, mingle and catch up with friends.
  • We will still ask you to leave a couple of seats space between you/your group, and others who are not from your family group.

Due to the unavailability of some venues, and key staff & volunteers being absent during the holiday season, please note the number of venues opening each Sunday will change throughout August. You’ll find all this out via your usual weekly ENews, when we send out the booking links.

Children’s work will continue Sunday mornings in Cottingham through August. And Matt & Emily are dreaming up some great fun for all our kids & youth in various ways through the summer!

Of course, online services continue Sundays 11am, and I’d highly recommend you also gather in your small groups, teams and friendship groups during this warmer season. We need each other more than ever don’t we!

Let’s keep going forward – I’ll bring you more news soon.

Much love in Him.