5th  July 2020

Dear Revive member,


I am sure you will have heard the announcement that places of worship are able to return to a version of in-person services from 4th July 2020. However, due to a combination of the availability of hireable venues, necessary sanitation, and the conditional guidelines that recommend we avoid singing, raised voices, refreshments, close contact etc, the Revive leadership have come to the following conclusions:

  • Sadly, we will not be attempting weekly in-person Sunday services in any of our 8 locations, during phase 3 of our COVID response this summer. It would appear that up to 70% of churches are not opening Sunday services yet either.
  • We do, however, intend to plan occasional in-person events, within the COVID guidelines, which we will organise centrally and announce online.
  • From July 4th small Revive groups and teams should feel free to meet if desired, within COVID guidelines. (The basic guidelines are that 2 households can meet indoors, or up to 6 people outdoors, with social distancing, avoiding raised voices/singing etc.)  In fact, why not consider gathering with one other household to enjoy the Sunday morning services? If you choose to meet, the full guidelines are here:https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do-after-4-july)
  • In addition to this, we will continue to develop our digital presence with improved Sunday services, courses, small group interactive experiences and support for adults and children.

In the next few days Revive Church members will be sent a survey to help us gauge how you are finding the online ministry and what in-person activities interest.

During this time, behind the scenes, the Revive leadership team are also working through a significant evaluation, restructuring and redefining of our ministries, services, locations and staffing, to help us leave lockdown over the coming months, with the ability to maximize our potential in the coming years.

It is our expectation that we will be able to move to a PHASE 4 of our COVID response, which will be a return to regular in-person services, sometime after August, but the exact pace of that will be determined at the time, based on varying conditions as we enter the autumn.

The full government guidelines for places of worship can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-for-the-safe-use-of-places-of-worship-from-4-july/covid-19-guidance-for-the-safe-use-of-places-of-worship-from-4-july

Let’s stay connected and remain in God’s grace as we move slowly from lockdown to breakout!

Much love in Him.

Jarrod Cooper & the Revive leadership team

UPDATE 25/06/2020

I’m sure you’re aware by now that the Prime Minister has announced the return to public worship services from 4th July 2020. Even though I’m actually on annual leave at the moment, I thought a brief statement on our response to this might be useful to you quite quickly.

At Revive Church we will be holding planning meetings for entering our “Phase 3” of COVID response next week (week commencing Sunday 28th June), and we therefore plan to announce our ideas for this summer on Sunday 5th July 11am online in our usual service broadcast.

Of course, while some of my church leader friends who own large facilities can commence socially distanced services from 5th July, those of us who hire venues have a longer road to travel before returning to in-person services. Many, even those with venues they own, have decided to run services only online until September as singing, live music, raised voices, hugs and refreshments are all still all banned. There is a long road to travel before church will feel “normal”.

There will be much for us to consider next week: How to hire venues (we hire or borrow 7 of our 8 venues), sanitation, social distancing, pastoral care, cost analysis, keeping our online ministry effective, furloughed staff and of course, how to turn this time into an effective harvest for the Kingdom! Please pray for us as we make plans next week.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge “Well done!” to the New Life Support youth team heading out on to the streets supporting the young in Goole; to give a great “Thank you!” to the team at Eternal Benefits for their foodbank and local support in north Hull. To shout a passionate “Awesome!” to the debt counselling team based on Kingswood and to give a great “High-five!” to everyone involved in the incredible daily online content, Pastoring, grocery delivering and more. You have all been incredible! Thank you for looking after each other so well. What an awesome community.

I look forward to unveiling our summer plans on 5thJuly.

Much love to you all




UPDATE 05/06/2020

I trust you’re well. I wanted to let you know that as a family we pray for you every morning at 8.45am in our house, many of you by name. We are covering you in protective prayer for physical health, recovery, peace, special protection over every NHS and essential worker and that God would give us great wisdom in the next months. He is with us!


A note on small group gatherings in Revive

As you may be aware, the government guidance around the coronavirus restrictions has been relaxed recently, to allow up to 6 people from different household to meet outdoors as long as a 2-metre social distance is maintained. It is natural that some leaders may want to now meet with people they are connected with in this type of setting (e.g. 6 members of Revive Teams/home groups meeting in a large garden, or small team meetings outdoors).


However, in our current understanding, the rules around ‘religious gatherings’ has not changed and therefore are still prohibited. Whilst we do want to encourage people to start meeting together as soon as possible, we feel that at this time we are unable to provide that. As such, it is still not possible for any Revive Church groups to officially meet together in any form, even if such gatherings were to comply with the relaxation of the social gathering rules. However, we also understand that members of Revive Church may wish to gather as friends. We would not wish for the statement above to impact your personal decisions around connecting with others in your ‘social circle’.


I know many of us can’t wait to get to a “phase 3” in Revive’s response to this pandemic season, which we will hope involves some form of meeting together, large or small, with lots of precautions in place. While this is slowly nearing, it’s not now. Please do carefully enjoy the ability to meet others with the current government guidelines though, it will be so good for everyone’s mental health.


If there is anything I or the team can do to help you, let us know. We’re here for you!

Lots of love in Him



UPDATE 15/5/2020


Dear Revive family member,

At Revive Church we are entering phase 2 of our support and connection with you, with changes to services and ways of connecting, while keeping some lockdown favourites! For instance, from Sunday 24th May our 11am Sunday services will be completely live, still on the same online platforms, but fresher and more connected!

We also have 3 New Interactive Courses for you launching this season:
• Living a Prophetic Life – with David & Veronica Podbury. 4 weeks of sessions at various times (on zoom). For details and booking follow this link:https://bit.ly/2SFgAaz
• The Lord’s Prayer – with Keith Hall, live on the Revive Church Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/revivechurchuk/ Simply join us Thursdays 12noon, from 21st May.
• Joy in the Place of Lockdown – with James Seager (on zoom). Starts 18 May. 4 Monday evenings. Email james@revivechurch.co.uk to join.

Also NEW! Weekly Revival Kids session for years 5 and 6 – Sundays at 3pm. Contact revivalkids.nation@gmail.com for zoom link

Remember, all these other great resources continue to help you in this time:

• Prayer Storm daily at 7am (on the Revive Church Facebook Page.) https://www.facebook.com/revivechurchuk/
• Tuesday evening Prayer meeting (on Zoom) Email office@revivechurch.co.ukfor link
• Regular Midnight Wrestle prayer times (on zoom.) Email office@revivechurch.co.uk for link
• Revival Nation youth sessions twice a week (on Zoom and Instagram @revivalnationyouth ).
• Belinda’s daily devotional on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEuDCQ_aBZI8UYjn_1N84Nw
• Andrew Murray is furloughed from his work at Revive, but the other organisation he works for, Generation Builders are doing nightly broadcasts (See the Generation Builders Facebook page).https://www.facebook.com/GenerationBuildersMinistries/
• Worship Academy meets regularly (on zoom). Email laura@revivechurch.co.uk
• Many small groups, teams and departments are meeting via zoom. Email james@revivechurch.co.uk to join or start a group.
• Revive members are invited to enjoy 1 years free subscription to Jarrod’s global online learning community The Tribe. Email vicky@jarrodcooper.net for details.
• 42 episodes of Jarrod’s Tribe TV are available on demand here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL79_9Hj76zeIMcdtYygohc8YRtci1VWev

Stay connected as best you can! Stay inspired as much as you can. And remember, Jesus is found powerfully in the wilderness, so do expect this time to lead to a fresh encounter with God, if you seek Him.

There are many other “phases” to go in our development across the next months. I do expect us to move to a “phase 3” in July, and details of what that will bring will be announced nearer the time. Praying daily for you!

Much love in Him.




UPDATE 22/4/2020


Dear Revive Family Member,

I trust you are well!

You will, by now, be very aware that we have been aiming to help keep everyone at Revive connected and encouraged through daily Prayer at 7am and teaching at 8pm, in addition to our Sunday 11am services – but we are also very aware that a bit of social fun and interaction is like gold in this time, and monologue online broadcasts aren’t always great for that.

So we do have small groups, teams, departments, prayer groups and friendship groups connecting through Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp and other means, right across the region.

If you are not finding it easy to connect in to a good group of friends at Revive at this time, please do contact Pastor James by emailjames@revivechurch.co.uk and we’ll do all we can to find you a new or existing group to join.

We know the Christian life is so much more than meetings and sermons – it’s about doing life with the right friends. It’s about friendship circles, even more than rows of seats in services. So do dive in to the online social scene at Revive – it will chase a few of those prospective Lockdown “blues” away!

Much love in Him




UPDATE 8/4/2020


Dear Revive Family,

I trust you are well!

At Revive Church we have well over 200 incredible volunteers who powerfully “make the world go around” in terms of how we touch and transform our region and beyond. These are supported by a few freelance specialists, and also by a wonderful paid core staff of 16 who shoulder some of the toughest and time-consuming areas of work.


Some Revive Staff placed on Furlough

In these unusual times, when our public gatherings are suspended, it does of course take its toll on the financial income of the church, so in order to avoid making any of our PAYE staff redundant in this time, we have decided to use the governments excellent furlough scheme, and place 10 of our staff on Furlough. The government will refund the church 80% of the wages of furloughed staff during the Coronavirus crisis, and we as a church will make up the missing 20% of our staff wages, so no-one loses out. If you want to know more about how a staff furlough works, here’s a simple explanation from the BBC website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-52135342

The following PAYE staff are NOT going to be on furlough, so you can contact us as normal, along with the many volunteer staff you will have always connected with:


  1. Lucy Emanuel – Administrator
  2. Linda Pritchard – Finances
  3. Nigel Lendon – Operations Manager and new building project
  4. James S – Pastoral Care and current Revive Crisis Response Team
  5. Jarrod Cooper – Senior Minister

The ten staff roles being placed on furlough, and who from the 14th April 2020 you will not legally be able to contact for work related issues, are:


  1. Matt Phelps Jones – Revival Nation youth
  2. Emily Phelps-Jones – Revival Kids
  3. Chris Fleetcroft – Revive Locations/Revive Network
  4. Helen Gill – Little Angels
  5. Vilma Domarkiene – Little Angels
  6. Andrew Murray – Revive College
  7. Steve Green – Goole Location leader
  8. Darren Simms – Technical and production team/buildings
  9. Jonathan Whitehouse – Cottingham location
  10. Lamia Whitehouse – Cottingham location


In every case above, the work-load, which is lessened due to the lockdown situation, will be continued by excellent and committed volunteer teams. Thank you everyone, who is stepping up to help us in this time!



About a third of the income to run Revive and all its ministries comes from offerings in services. At this time, please do prayerfully give your tithes and offerings electronically. The church Bank details are:

  • Revive Church
  • Sort Code: 08-92-99
  • Account Number: 65479922
  • Bank Name: Co-operative Bank

Please quote your name in the reference box so we know who is sending the money.

OR CALL US – You can also call the office any Monday or Tuesday between 10am-1pm to give your tithe by credit or debit card. (01482) 420620.


Thank you all for your continued hard work, giving, support for each other and desire to touch the region with the Gospel. We will get through this unusual season and I am convinced God will use it as a bridge to a new era in Divine destiny!


Much love in Him,






UPDATE 3/4/2020

Dear Revive family,

This Sunday it’s PALM SUNDAY and we want to invite all the Revive family from our locations in Driffield, Goole, Hull, Kingswood, The Quadrant, Hornsea, Brough, Cottingham and all across East Yorkshire to join us 11am on Facebook/You Tube! We love you and are praying for you!





Eternal Benefits on Hull’s Quadrant are supplying groceries to those in need. If you can drop off Bread, Milk, Margarine, Eggs, Cereal’s, Tinned items e.g. beans, tomatoes, soup etc, Tea bags, Pasta, Cleaning products, Toiletries, plus anything people would class as basics PLEASE DO! Drop off anytime at 73 Bentley Grove, Hull HU6 8NR. Best to ring or text first (we may be out on deliveries) Ian 07809335843, Lynn 07944142145, Or 01482 805525. Also we are keeping to safe distancing, place on step, knock on the door and step back.



To join a volunteer team near you in East Yorkshire go to https://coronavirus.beecan.org/ Choose your relevant town/area and scroll down to “Volunteers Needed.”



To join a volunteer team in Hull go to  http://www.hull.gov.uk/health-and-wellbeing/public-health/coronavirus-volunteering



If you can join the NHS team across our region, in one of the 4 volunteer roles available, please do now! Information is here:https://www.goodsamapp.org/nhs



Join our Revive Church teams willing to deliver groceries or make phone calls to anyone in complete isolation? Email Pastor James james@revivechurch.co.uk to join our AWESOME team!



Revive members, remember to keep in close contact with your Pastor or location leader. We want to know if you’re isolated or ill, so we can give you pastoral support, help deliver groceries etc. We can also help your loved ones if you are unable to support them at this time. If you’re not sure who your Pastor is, or who to contact, simply email james@revivechurch.co.uk and Pastor James will help.


FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Money worries, debts, anxiety over bills or your job? We’re here to help. Phone us on 01482 420622 or email us at cma@revivechurch.co.uk and we have trained staff to help you through to a better place in life.

I am so blessed to hear of amazing stories of love, kindness and generosity around the region – of the Gospel shared, groceries delivered, the many of you staying in touch deeply across the region. Let’s keep it up and use this time to shine for God in the darkness!

Much love in Him,




Update 28/3/2020

Dear Revive family,

I trust you are well, and if you’re not, that you’re in touch with our team to support you – we love and we’re here for you!

Every morning we are praying “live” 7am on the Revive Church Facebook page – a great way to start the day, cast our burdens on God, and renew our faith. Do join us!

I have a few practical updates for you:

About a third of the income to run Revive and all its ministries comes from offerings in services. At this time, please do prayerfully give your tithes and offerings electronically or by phone. The church Bank details are:

• Revive Church
• Sort Code: 08-92-99
• Account Number: 65479922
• Bank Name: Co-operative Bank

Please quote your name in the reference box so we know who is sending the money.

OR CALL US – You can also call the office any Monday or Tuesday between 10am-1pm to give your tithe by credit or debit card. (01482) 420620.


Sundays 11am: We will continue to run the main Sunday service online at 11am on Facebook and You Tube, but we are not going to repeat it at 8pm, as the videos remain on demand anyway, so watch repeats at your leisure! (Note: You Tube has subtitles). An audio podcast version of the service is also available. See links below.

Daily 7am: Join us for a daily Prayer Storm 7am on Facebook

Daily 8pm: Jarrod will be broadcasting daily from his Facebook/You Tube.

I pray all these internet broadcasts, along with the outstanding Pastoral Care I am hearing about across the region, means no-one is left out of the love, faith and hope found in God’s family. We’re here for you!

Much love in Him,


• REVIVE CHURCH FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/revivechurchuk/
• REVIVE CHURCH YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/ReviveChurchUKOnline
• AUDIO PODCAST VERSION: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/revive-church/id942413345?mt=2
• Revival Nation Youth: https://www.instagram.com/revivalnationyouth/
• Revival Kids: https://www.instagram.com/revivehullkids/
• Belinda’s Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEuDCQ_aBZI8UYjn_1N84Nw
• Communion with Andrew Murray: https://www.facebook.com/GenerationBuildersMinistries/




UPDATE: 26/3/2020

Dear Revive family,

I trust you are doing OK in this unusual time! I wanted to write with an update on the ways we can support you and your friends/relatives.

Firstly, don’t forget, that despite the lockdown, your pastors are still there to support and pray with you, even if we can’t be with you in person. Do get in touch if you need support!

HELP FROM OUR TEAMS FOR YOU: Please let us know everyone in Revive Church who does NOT have internet access or a mobile phone, so we can send them books and CD’s of the services and extra phone calls to help keep in touch with us all. Please email Pastor James james@ReviveChurch.co.uk

We also want to know of anyone in Revive who is particularly at risk or isolated, or who is ill now or becomes ill. Whether it’s you or someone you know in Revive, PLEASE email Pastor James james@revivechurch.co.uk and let us know so we can pray and provide extra care for them.

WE WANT TO CARE FOR THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT: If a non-Revive member who is a friend/relative needs support (e.g. the delivery of groceries, or a phone call) and you’re struggling to help them, we have a growing team of Revive members across Hull & East Yorkshire who can help. Let Pastor James know and let us help! james@revivechurch.co.uk

MONEY ADVICE: Money worries, debts, anxiety over bills or work? We’re here to help. Call us on 01482 420622 or email us at cma@revivechurch.co.uk and we have trained staff to help you through to a better place in life.


Can you help us by joining our Revive Church teams willing to deliver groceries or make phone calls to anyone in complete isolation? Email Pastor James james@revivechurch.co.uk to join an AWESOME team!

If you can join the NHS team across our region, in one of the 4 volunteer roles available, please do now! Information is here: https://www.goodsamapp.org/nhs

Let’s be very vigilant to stay in touch in this season. Thank you for being an awesome family. Let’s shine with God’s grace and faith in this time.


Much love in Him,




Update 19/3/2020


Dear Revive family,

Pastoral Response to Revive Church

I have to say how grateful I am to all the family and team at Revive Church, paid and unpaid, who have been working tirelessly to ensure we stay connected, cared for, inspired and together over the next weeks as we face this unprecedented upheaval of normal life.

One of our team, Pastor James Seager, has been working very hard to get every detail together to help us care Pastorally for each other right across the region. During this time, we as a church are wanting to support each of you in the most appropriate way, whilst still cooperating with the government’s strategy in managing the crisis.

In addition to the daily online church services we’ve already told you about, here’s several other things we want to you be involved in, or make use of, where appropriate:

Telephone ‘buddy’: To help people deal with social distancing, we are giving every member of Revive Church the opportunity to receive a weekly phone call for a check-in and general conversation. Please let your Pastor, Location Leader or Pastor James know if you would like this.

Pastoral needs: If you have a specific pastoral need, please contact your Pastor, Location Leader or Pastor James, as you would normally. We are still there for you, although the ways we can support may be a little different to normal.

For those in self-isolation: If you are ill and/or need to completely self-isolate, please let your Pastor, Location Leader or Pastor James know as soon as possible. Where possible we will offer to:

  • Provide extra encouragement and pray with you through phone calls and other means.
  • Deliver essential items (e.g. food) to you or someone you are caring for, if your family and friends are not able to do this.

Can you help us in several ways? If you can help with any of these, pleaseemail Pastor James james@revivechurch.co.uk

  1. If you know of people in the church who do not communicate online and may not receive this note or be able to join us for online services –PLEASE let us know. We want to ensure ALL our members are cared for at this time and will find alternative ways to connect with them. Send names to Pastor James.
  2. Would you join our Revive Church teams willing deliver groceries to anyone in complete isolation? Let James know.

You will be sent downloadable isolation cards soon, to give your neighbours if you wish, to let them know a Christian is nearby and willing to chat on the phone or help practically. Let’s shine in this time!

You are part of an incredible church family – we are here for you and we want you to tell us if you need support. Simply contact your own Location Leader, your own Pastor in Hull or Pastor James. Once again, Pastor James’ email is james@revivechurch.co.uk


Together, with God, we will get through stronger!

Lots of love in Him

Jarrod Cooper



UPDATE 18/3/2020


Dear Revive Church Family,

Revive Church in all Locations is Going Online!

In this unusual season of suspending public gatherings due to the government’s advice, we are working on a load of fun ways to get online together and enjoy faith-filled, refreshing, powerful and social times as a family.


Our Online Service broadcast times are as follows:

Sundays (From Sunday 22nd March 2020):

11am Sunday Service (repeated at 8pm) on our:

The audio of this broadcast will also be available as our usual weekly podcasts and as a CD.

Every Day (From Monday 23rd March 2020):

7am Daily Prayer Storm led by Revive leaders. Join us to pray and post your prayer requests “live” on our:

8pm Daily “Tribe TV with Jarrod Cooper” – Up to an hour of faith filled daily inspiration, teaching and interviews with Jarrod on his:


Our Youth and Children’s Pastors, Matt and Emily are working on some online times for our Revive Nation youth and Revival Kids ministries to stay connected and have fun. We are also devising online College courses, team meetings, Revive teams, leaders’ forums and more. Watch this space!


More News to Follow

You will receive an email very soon about how we are operating face to face Pastoral Care in this season, ways that we will increase connections through phone calls/Facetime etc, and ways to support anyone isolated with practical care. We will be getting versions of our weekly services to those who don’t use the internet and asking for volunteers to help with things like grocery shopping and phone calls. Announcements very soon. If you are worried in any way, email james@revivechurch.co.uk

We love you, are working hard to make sure we all stay connected, in faith, supported and very loved in this time. Church is not closed; it’s simply changed a little! We still have a mission to reach our region with the Gospel. Let’s use this time!

Much love in Christ,

Jarrod & the Revive Church Executive Team


UPDATE 17/3/20


Corona Virus (COVID-19) Precautions at Revive Church. 

Following the Prime Ministers press conference on Monday 16th March 2020, physical distancing has been advised for all who can, including the suspension of all gatherings, large or small. This means all Revive groups, services, social activities and gatherings are being suspended until further notice. The Revive office building will be physically closed, but staff are still working remotely and the phones are redirected. So do call as normal if you need any help.

Sunday services, and other frequent updates will be running online instead. Times and further information/links will be sent out very shortly by email, text and on all our social media platforms.

We will also let you know of our Pastoral procedures, ideas of how to care for each other and stay in touch, online prayer times and other resources to help you – The Revive staff will stay extremely busy in this period supporting, connecting, praying, helping and reassuring you. You won’t be alone – You are part of a great family!

If you are unwell in any way, please do let your own Pastor, Location leader or Pastor James know by emailing James@revivechurch.co.uk so we can pray for you. Unfortunately, Pastors may not always be able to pay pastoral visits in this time, but they will be in touch by phone to chat, pray and help you trust and draw on God.

As a church leadership team we love you, are praying for you and we know that this will pass – God is with us all.

Much love in Him,

Jarrod and the Revive Church Executive team.