• How can we afford to pay our bills?

  • I keep using my overdraft every month just to get by

  • I’ve just had a letter to say the bailiffs are coming—what if I can’t pay my bill?

Anyone can find themselves struggling with money issues. It is usually through some unforeseen circumstance such as illness, unemployment, rising costs or one of many factors beyond our control. Despite your income going down, your bills and outgoings stay the same and can often increase—especially if you are at home more than usual and using your heating and lighting.

The people you owe money to—creditors—will still want paying so for example your store card, credit card and loan repayments will not go down. Creditors expect you to honour your agreement and pay your way. Often this is not possible or you end up paying the creditor who is the most threatening. You will also have noticed that interest keeps adding up and paying the minimum amount never reduces your debt, in fact it will just increase.

We at Community Money Advice are trained to help people sort out money issues. We are a free service and can help to share the stress and worry which is inevitable when you are in debt. We will work with you and contact creditors on your behalf and present them with details of your income and expenditure in order to prove that you cannot pay the amounts which Creditors are asking for. Creditors are bound by law to work with us and other organisations who help people in debt. They are not allowed to ignore someone who seeks help when they are in debt.

We will write to your Creditors and ask them to accept a token payment rather than the minimum amount on (for example) your loan statement—this is often as little as £1 a month for a period of time.

We will also request that interest is suspended so that even the £1 you repay is coming directly off your debt. Once all your Creditors have been contacted and agreed a reduced monthly payment this will prevent any further legal action taking place as long as you honour the agreed Debt Repayment Plan.


Do you know someone in need of this sort of help? Let us know

…phone us any Monday on 01482 420622. Or send us an email at cma@revivechurch.co.uk


Would you consider volunteering?

There is a massive demand to help people in debt, and maybe you would like to train as a debt adviser? This will be working one-to-one with a client until a Debt Management Plan is up and running. This is very rewarding; you will see people being freed from debt with reduced repayments giving them breathing space to get back on their feet.

Or maybe you feel prevention is better? Then you may be interested in working with us to spread the word across the city about budgeting and money information to help people make the best choices about money matters.

You may just want a more background role making the tea, having a listening ear and praying silently for wisdom and favour and miracles for people in trouble.


Training is provided for all volunteers

You will not be left on your own but will be part of a team seeking to set people free from the slavery of debt. Phone us any Monday on 01482 420622. Or you can email cma@revivechurch.co.uk and find out more.


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