About Us

Revive Church is a 100-year-old community of many hundreds of people, of all ages and ethnicities, making a difference through God’s love where ever we are, while enjoying community and gathering in many services across Hull & East Yorkshire, in the north of England.

Led by author and songwriter Jarrod Cooper since 2005, Revive is devoted to…

Inspiring Global Revival through…

  • World-wide missions, inspiring greater levels of the power & presence of God in churches, cities & lives
  • Large auditorium events, conferences & gatherings
  • Global church resourcing & networking

Equipping Extraordinary Generations through…

  • Training, leadership development schools, summits, youth and children’s ministries and outreaches
  • Global projects aimed at reaching and transforming the lives of children at risk
  • Media broadcasting, courses and products

Transforming Local Communities through…

  • Social action, city transformation, youth work, schools work and outreaches
  • Planting healthy outreaches and congregations across Hull, East Yorkshire & beyond
  • Planting & resourcing new expressions of church across the region, UK and the world

Revive Church is a part of the Chuches in Communities network (find out more here) protestant, historically Pentecostal (Assemblies of God) and members of the Evangelical Alliance, a church unity movement of thousands of churches. The Evangelical Alliance statement of faith is available here

Decisions that Define Us

In recent times we have expressed our vision, culture and values in these terms, under the heading “Decisions that define us”… (Watch video version here. Opens in You Tube)

We have decided that Hull and East Yorkshire are a precious jewel to God. The “Forgotten City” is not forgotten by God, but an unexpected “Nazareth” where God and His Kingdom is arriving in Power. So we unreservedly give ourselves to love, serve and transform this little corner of northern England.

We have decided to build an altar of prayer & worship to God right here. We are not a club for Christians, but a “house of prayer for all nations”, a temple to be filled with glory, a well of God’s presence, and a gathering place where heaven and earth meet. We have decided to give much time in worship and wonder of our King, pouring out costly worship offerings like Mary and praying with fervour like the early Church, so that people from many nations might be saved, healed, refreshed and revived.

We have decided we are not an organisation, an institution or a normal local church; instead we are a movement, a tribe, a family on a mission; in fact, a family on many missions, each transforming the world with God’s wisdom, wonder and ways. Each of us exists to transform homes, nations, politics, laws, businesses, medicine, education, the arts, the media, morality and the family, with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We have decided that we are not a cosy club, that we are done with religion, tidy services, pretending, faking or giving mere lip service to God. Instead, we are passionate pioneers and explorers. Our members are adventurers, not mere attenders, our leaders are fathers, mothers, releasers and equippers, not superstars.  We are a mission station and not a museum. We raise up world changers, not tour guides. We train commandos, not committees. We are a battleship, not a cruise ship, an army not an audience, Special Forces not spectators, and missionaries not country club members. Revive Church is a house of prayer, an army barracks, a training hub, an equipping school, and a sending centre.

We have decided that reading about the book of Acts without living the book of Acts is hypocritical, and that hearing about the Holy Spirit without experiencing Him is phoney. We choose to be Holy Spirit filled, Holy Spirit led and Holy Spirit empowered! We have decided to be the ones telling the stories of God’s power, not the ones only ever hearing about them!

We have decided that our youth and children are powerful weapons in God’s hands, not merely to be baby-sat, redundant or in-waiting. They are leaders, glory carriers, miracle workers, mission team members, prophesiers, Bible scholars and evangelists among us. Their prayers move heaven, and their praises silence our enemies!

We have decided that singing songs without worshiping is shallow and having meetings without God showing up is meaningless. We are God’s House, and we refuse to remain religiously in control of everything when He arrives in power. We flex every plan to His voice and adjust quickly to His whim. We submit every plan to His purpose and every gathering to His presence. We refuse empty rigidity, ritualistic liturgy, and esteem intimacy above methodology.

We know apathy is our enemy, dullness could be our destruction, pride is our Kryptonite and distraction is deadly. So we speak truth to each other, we guard each other, we confess to each other and we challenge each other to greatness. As iron sharpens iron, so we guard the simple hunger, clarity, humility and purity of this, our family.

We have decided we will not shrink from the less fashionable truths of scripture, but will passionately and compassionately proclaim the full Gospel of JESUS with unflinching faith.

We have decided that we are not here to make our own name great, or to accumulate numbers, members or fame. We are deeply aware we are only one small part of God’s glorious bride, family members of the world’s greatest team and soldiers in histories most powerful army – the Church of the living God. Every local church in our region is our family, their success is our goal, and serving them is in our heart.

We are not limited to the four walls of any building. Our influence is not restricted by our location; not even the nations are out of bounds! We are more concerned about how many we send out into the world, than how many we convince to come into the building. This building is meant to be filled, and it will be – but it will not be the measure of who we are or the measure of our effectiveness.

We have decided that we will not be satisfied until our world freaks out and cries  “Those who have turned the world upside down have come here too.” (Acts 17:6)

Personalized, contextualised, edited and expanded by Jarrod Cooper, from the concept “Decisions That Define Us” by David Crone © 2005 David B Crone, The Mission Church, Vacaville, CA.

Jarrod & Victoria Cooper